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ITS treatment centre provides a range of complementary and massages therapy to facilitate health and well being.

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The Bach Flower Remedies are 38 plant and flower based remedies, each one specially devised to treat a different feeling. They help you to manage the emotional demands of everyday life, in the 21st Century. They are the original flower remedies made according to the exact traditions of Dr. Edward Bach.

The Bach Flower Remedies work by stimulating the body's own capacity to heal itself, by balancing negative feelings, helping you to take control, feel good about yourself, and get more out of life.

The Bach Flower Remedies are unique, simple to use and are suitable for all the family.

Where do Bach Flower Remedies come from?

The Bach Flower Remedies were created by a Harley Street doctor, Edward Bach, in the 1930s. His Philosophy, " A healthy mind ensures a healthy body", was ahead of it's time when you consider that today more and more medical experts are acknowledging the links between our mental and physical health.

Dr. Bach devised a system of seven major emotional groups under which people could be classified, such as Fear, Uncertainty or Loneliness. He categorised 38 negative states of mind under these groups. Then using his knowledge of homoeopathy, Dr. Bach formulated a plant or flower based remedy to treat each of these emotional states - these are the unique Bach Flower Remedies.

The Dr. Edward Bach Centre, Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire was where Dr. Bach lived and worked and discovered his healing flowers in the surrounding fields and hedgerows. These same flower locations are still used in the preparation of the Bach Flower Remedies by the present custodians, who are dedicated to maintaining the method and use of the Remedies as intended by Dr. Bach.




Typical examples of the use of the Bach Flower Remedies

Gentain for those feelings of discouragement, despondency

Star of Bethlehem for the shock of unexpected redundancy

Olive for your lack of energy

Vervain for born enthusiasts who cannot switch off

Centaury for those who are constantly at the beck and call of others

Larch for those lacking in confidence

Rescue Remedy to calm the nerves immediately before the exam/test

Honeysuckle to help you stop yearning for the past

Willow for those feelings of resentment, self-pity

Walnut to help you adjust to your new situation

Rock Rose for terrifying dreams

White Chestnut for constant worrying thoughts or mental arguments

Agrimony for those restless at night from repressed

We tend to get more out of life and give more to friends and family when we feel fulfilled, positive and happy

Sometime a situation arises where we need help to stay in balance and move forward- that is when the Bach Remedies can help.

A Bach flower consultation will last approximately 45minutes and may take several visits dependent on individual needs.

Your consultation will include your remedy which will be made up for you personally before you leave.


Call us now to arrange an initial consultation. You'll be on your way to the best therapy available.

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