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ITS treatment centre provides a range of complementary and massages therapy to facilitate health and well being.

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Bach Flower Remedy
Counselling & Psychotherapy
Hopi Ear Candles
Indian Head Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Progressive Kinesiology
Sports Massage
Swedish Massage
Thai Massage



Pronounced kin-easy-ology, this was traditionally the study of muscles and movement in the body -; widely used by physical educators and physiotherapists. In the field of alternative therapy, kinesiology refers to the science of muscle testing to determine and correct imbalances in the body. It is an holistic approach, treating the whole person physically, chemically and mentally. Using systematic muscle tests, kinesiology reveals the true causes of aches, pains and diseases.

Once established the causes are dealt with naturally and effectively, enabling the body to restore its balance, health and well being.

What conditions can kinesiology help ?

Kinesiology has been successful in helping digestive problems, skin complaints, aches in muscles and joints, food sensitivities, asthma, learning difficulties, headaches, and many other conditions. As the treatment is holistic, many other symptoms may be alleviated and kinesiology can help change attitude, belief systems and behaviour. It is always advisable to discuss individual problems with a Kinesiologist, who will be able to advise whether they can help.



Progressive kinesiology's comprehensive coverage allows a practitioner to have deep communication with the body's messages to determine the root cause of symptoms and perform effective corrections.

Whatever the disorder, disease, condition, unhappiness or ailment- Muscle testing is a gentle way to have a direct conversation with your body.

By asking "what is the cause of the problem, and what changes are needed to put things right

Call us now to arrange an initial consultation. You'll be on your way to the best therapy available.

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