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ITS treatment centre provides a range of complementary and massages therapy to facilitate health and well being.

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Shiatsu is a Japanese word. Meaning 'finger pressure'.

A Shiatsu treatment does however incorporate the use not only of finger pressure, but also thumbs, palms, knees, forearms, elbows and feet. Pressure is applied to the areas of energy lines (meridians) to promote good health by 'stimulating the body's energy flow (Ki)'.

Shiatsu is both a form of physical manipulation and a means towards the growth of body, mind and spirit, combining a finely tuned intuition, understanding of oriental diagnosis, posture and breathing.

The unique quality of Shiatsu is that it emphasises efficient body movement and perception from one's true physical and spiritual centre.

Length of Shiatsu session?

Treatment is carried out fully clothed, usually with the receiver lying or sitting on a futon on the ground.

A typical treatment will last between 45 minutes and an hour, although shorter treatments can also be very beneficial.

The session often begins with gentle stretching and manipulation techniques to help stimulate the movement of energy and to relax the muscles.

Pressure can be applied to both wide areas as well as precise points and varied according to the body's needs. Sometimes the pressure can be gentle and calming. Sometimes the pressure can be deeply stimulating. The amount and type of pressure depends on the specific needs of the client.

Many of the techniques are applied to the same system of energy channels or 'meridians' as used in acupuncture, although in Shiatsu each channel is felt to cover a greater area of the body.

Benefits of Shiatsu?

Shiatsu can help alleviate the pain associated with a wide range of conditions. It can also assist an individual with their self development and self healing; balancing the underlying causes of a condition; taking into account the functioning of the physical and psychological; promoting health and strength.

Shiatsu can be especially useful for postural problems, muscular-skeletal problems and any stress related illnesses, including emotional problems. Shiatsu can be very helpful during the different stages of pregnancy and also for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis. It can also help in cases where a person suffers a range of 'sub-clinical' symptoms, each of which may not be viewed as very serious by the medical profession, but which can combine to cause a debilitating catalogue of problems, strengthening the body's own healing abilities.



Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience and regular Shiatsu sessions help to prevent the build-up of stress in our daily lives. Following a Shiatsu treatment, the individual may have feelings of increased vitality and relaxation.

Some of the immediate physical benefits of Shiatsu are to:

Stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems.
Regulate the activity of the autonomic nervous system.

The theory and the practice

The theory is a help for the therapist to understand what he or she is observing. The theory is based on observations and not the other way round. Sometimes a person shows exactly the symptoms related to one of the elements. For example a woman is wearing black clothes, complains about cold, feels very tired, likes salt food and has dark bags under the eyes. A problem with the kidney meridian is obvious. But often a few elements are involved and diagnoses are more complex. It is important not to be fixed and to keep an open mind

Shiatsu may also be used for disorders of the muscular-skeletal system as it works directly on the tissues involved.

It is effective in the treatment of:

Backache/Lower back Pain
Neck & Shoulder stiffness
Sports Injuries
Joint pain

Shiatsu is also used for:

Poor Circulation
High Blood pressure
Fluid Retention
Sinus Congestion

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