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The ‘Inspirational Talk ’ ‘Inspirational Intrusions’ are designed to introduce an alternative perspective that inspires and enlightens. They are delivered in a lively interactive way, usually in a ‘lecture’ format, and are designed to create a moment of time and space in which participants can reflect and discover something new.

There are over 20 different ‘Uplift the Spirit’ ‘Inspirational Intrusions’. Each is delivered in a 60 minute format. You and your staff can select as many as you would like to attend, subject to the programme purchased. An ‘Uplift the Spirit’ experience is enhanced when blended with ‘Calm the Mind’ and ‘Relax the Body’ ‘Inspirational Intrusions’


Inspire the Spirit

60 minute workshops

Meditation and Relaxation*
Nutrition and Natropathy
Homeopathic Remedies
Tai Chi* & Chi Gong
intuition and sixth Sense
Bach Flower Remedies
Astrology & Numerology
Feng Shui & Reiki
Chakras and Meridians
Colour and Crystals
Blood Type Nutrition
*weekly 1 hour classes available


Stress Workshops Bodywork Sessions Inspirational Talks