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Drugs / Alcohol in the workplace

In February 2001 a highly successful conference, ‘Combating Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace’, was held at the Guildhall. As a result the City of London Drug Action Team, working with businesses and other key partners, decided to address a need identified by many employers.

What is the scale of substance misuse in the workplace?

How should we respond to this issue and where can we get unbiased help and advice?

Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace



Stress in the workplace

Every employee suffers from stress at some time, and whether it's caused in the workplace or at home is largely irrelevant as the problem will manifest itself in the workplace eventually.

Why offer therapy in the workplace?

Stress in the Workplace

Stress in the Workplace



EAP in the Workplace

The Employee Assistance Programme's philosophy is to provide an effective strategy to encourage and assist employees to overcome personal problems, which are affecting their work performance. These can include stress, emotional problems, financial problems, relationship difficulties, alcohol /drug problems and many more..

EAP in the Workplace