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Drug and Alcohol in the Workplace
Stress in the Workplace

(Inspirational Intrusions)

Every employee suffers from stress at some time, and whether it's caused in the workplace or at home is largely irrelevant as the problem will manifest itself in the workplace eventually.

Why offer therapy in the workplace?

A troubled employee is not productive. Their work rate drops and they may make mistakes. This causes them further stress with its various symptoms, which compounds the problem and starts a vicious circle that can lead to absenteeism.  Additionally, employees are working to tight deadlines which can cause further stress and tension. Fortunately companies are beginning to realise the benefits of on-site therapy and how it can reduce the level of stress. Employers find that after in-house therapy treatments stress is greatly reduced, leading to increased motivation, reduced staff turnover and less absenteeism.


The Statistics

  • An estimated two million people suffer from ill health caused by work.
  • 18 million working days are lost each year when people take time off because work has made them ill. 
  • Employees' health costs society up to 11 billion pounds each year. (Figures based on health report 1995/96). 
  • 1 in 5 workers (5 million people) suffers high levels of stress at work (HSE)
  • 35% of employers have set up some kind of programme to tackle stress (HSE). 
  • Research in 2001 conducted by the International Stress Management Association UK and Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance found that stress levels continue to rise in today's workforce and one in two workers say they have experienced stress at work during the last 12 months One in four needed time off work as a result.
  • 62% of workers experienced an unsupportive work environment. 40% experienced deadline pressures.
  • Stress in the workplace affects people throughout their lives, it's not usually short term,
  • Over half of stressed workers are aware that stress is damaging their health.
  • Stress lowers job satisfaction (65%) and lowers productivity (41%).
  • Stress at work affects other major life areas: social, relationships, partners, children. 
  • One in five people suffering from stress seek professional help. 
  • 25% of the UK workforce are still working more than five days a week. 32% of these are expected to work more than the recommended maximum 48-hour working week. 
  • 61% of the people who work more than the recommended 48-hour week are not paid for the extra hours they work.
  • 54% of men and 78% of women are not paid for overtime.
    [Research by VAR International, October 2001]


Inspiring The Spirit

The benefits of therapy in the workplace:

  • Works as a ‘frontline’ against sickness and injury*
  • Saves money in the long term by helping to prevent absenteeism in the workplace
  • Helps to reduce stress and injury in the workplace and assists in preventing compensation claims
  • Provides a comfortable working environment for staff
  • Helps to reduce neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Relaxes tight and sore muscles
  • Helps improve concentration
  • Increases staff morale
  • Enhances the capacity for calm thinking and creativity

*aches and pains can be picked up early, and referred to occupational health or G.P. (or as otherwise directed)

Independent Therapy Solutions practitioners have years of experience providing on site massage, training and other complementary healthcare services. In response to interest from clients for a wider range of stress management solutions we began to develop our ‘Inspirational Intrusions’ to revitalise and de-stress the Mind, Body and Spirit. An innovative, market leading solution for the management of stress in the workplace and at corporate events.



The result is a series of innovative experiences designed to invigorate and inspire. ‘Inspirational Intrusions’ give your staff or clients the opportunity to learn alternative approaches to the management of stress and to explore new experiences that promote wellbeing and work-life balance. They include workshops, introductory talks, hands on experiences and one to one sessions that seek to nurture the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

There are three different styles of ‘Inspirational Intrusions’:

Stress Workshops
- Engaging interactive workshops that explore and offer alternative solutions to the many sources of stress in the workplace.

Bodywork Sessions - Revitalising bodywork sessions that give the body a chance to be pampered and enjoy new complementary therapies you might want to repeat.

Inspirational Talks -Inspirational workshops that introduce something new and something different and open new avenues to explore.




50- 100 minute Stress Management

15 – 30 minute bodywork sessions

30 – 60 minute workshops

Work life balance

Chair Massage

Meditation and Relaxation*

Creative Problem Solving


Nutrition and Naturopathy



Homeopathic Remedies

Time Management

Thai Massage*

Tai Chi* & Chi Gong


Indian Head Massage

Intuition & Sixth Sense

Self Esteem & Confidence

Hand Aromatherapy

Bach Flower Remedies

Adapting to Change

Hot Stone Massage*

Astrology & Numerology

Influencing Others

Pilates Exercise*

Feng Shui & Reiki

Self Management


Chakras and Meridians

Team Working


Colour and Crystals

Bullying at work*


Blood Type Nutrition

In Tray Overload



Stop Smoking*



*only available for whole day

*not available in less than 30 minutes

*weekly 1 hour classes available

To create a unique Stress-Management event that meets the HSE’s expectations or provide something really different for your clients take a look at the following examples


Stress Workshops

Bodywork Sessions

Inspirational Talks

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