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ITS help people learn to relax at work. This promotes well-being, improves performance and helps to avoid burn-out.

ITS offer two foundation ‘Inspirational Intrusions’ workshops.

- i. Creating the Balance

- ii. Relaxation Techniques

We recommend all participants experience at least one of these ‘Inspirational Intrusions’ first. They include a selection of modules from which you can ‘pick ‘n' mix' to create the right content for your situation and objectives.

Participants will leave these ‘Inspirational Intrusions’ refreshed and motivated with

- ideas and plans on changes they will make

- practical techniques, skills and knowledge to help them do so.


Foundation ‘Inspirational Intrusions’ enable staff and management to identify development needs and commit to further focused sessions. These could include

Managing the Moment, Perceptions and Perspectives, Working in Teams, Managing Time, Embracing Change, Information Overload, Increase your Barrier, Nutrition at work, Influencing Others, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence, Bullying at Work, Stop Smoking

‘Inspirational Intrusions’ are offered in 3 formats

- 100 Minutes

- Half-Day

- All-day

Managing The Balance - Work and Life


Managing The Balance - Work and Life

Most of us have to work and therefore want to do so in the best possible way. If we find the right balance in our job, we often experience improved balance in the rest of our life. This workshop will help you define the things that are in your power to change and learn to deal with the ones that aren't. You will leave with a plan of where you need to balance your life so that you can take action to achieve a more productive and satisfying working day.

Managing Time

Try as we might, we can't control the passing of time - but we can control what we do with it. Explore different perceptions of time and techniques for managing it - see how a few minutes managing time can make hours of difference. You will leave with a new approach to managing and meeting deadlines and to getting everything done and you will also be equipped with the skills to make it happen.

Managing the Moment

Discover how you can make the most of all those opportunities and situations where you want to be at your best: whether you face difficult people or difficult situations discover how to be ready and prepared all the time. Tap into your potential to be effective and confident with unexpected situations that occur in the workplace and make sure you always achieve the best for you.

Managing Communication

Communication is a two-way street - although it can sometimes feel like a dead-end. Explore the dynamics behind communicating up and down the management line and the differences that occur when communicating with peers. Pick up tips on how to plan and present information and learn to listen, question and clarify. Leave this workshop knowing how to hear and how to be heard.

Managing In-Tray Overload

Whether it's an in-tray or an inbox, we have little control over what comes our way but we can control what happens to it next. Make a brief escape from your desk to pick up tips on dealing with the inevitable barrage of paper and e-mails. Discover the simple but essential principles behind making paperwork flow. Gain the space and time in your working environment to enjoy refreshing clarity of mind and a genuinely clear desk.

Managing Change

Change is everywhere around us - sometimes it's within our control and sometimes it isn't. Discover the secrets of emerging from rapid change energised, motivated and secure. Find out how to spot the benefits of change and embrace the opportunities it presents. Learn how to adapt with little effort to what is new and what will soon be familiar. Become comfortable with change and enjoy the experience.

Increasing Your Barrier

Find out information on the gentle yet powerful force of complementary healthcare. Discover the benefits of a more holistic approach to office well being through natural scents and colours, nutrition, movement, breathing and meditation. Many people want to learn more about alternative ways of revitalising their working lives and their working environment: this is your chance to do so.

Influencing Others

Different people and different situations need different approaches to being heard and being influential. Discover what helps and hinders us in these situations and develop your own effective style.

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

This ‘Inspirational Intrusions’ explores what happens when one or the other falters, as it does for most of us, from time to time. In a series of fun exercises we explore the differences between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence, how they can be built and how they can be maintained.

Stop Smoking

Many of us want to stop, many companies want you to too. We introduce a programme, built around the workplace and usable at home too, that will help you to stop smoking, with all the benefits you know that will bring.

Self-Discipline and Self-Management

Quality of life, as well as quality of work, is much influenced by our ability to do what we know we should be doing. For many this is one of the fundamentals of achievement. Uncover a new approach to the management of self which releases and liberates and leaves us free.

Creative Problem Solving

Sometimes problems appear to have no solution. How often have you thought, brilliant idea, why didn't I think of that, when others have overcome their problems in a surprising way. Let us introduce an alternative way to finding solutions and surprise and delight yourself.

Bullying at Work

We've probably witnessed it, maybe even been on the receiving end, and quite possibly been the bully. Through exercises and discussion find out what it's like to be on the 'other side', understand what is really 'going on' and discover effective and gentle ways to make it stop.

Working in Teams

Team dynamics are always complex and often demanding and it is easy to feel we are not 'fitting in'. Learn about group dynamics, the behaviours that work and the behaviours that don't. Find a way to find your place and always in the team.



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