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What is the difference between a psychotherapist, a counsellor, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist?



Psychotherapists are usually highly trained in one particular type of therapy. They have an in depth knowledge of that therapy (e.g. psychodynamic), but are often not overly familiar with other forms.
UK Professional Body: United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy


These people are usually trained within one particular form of therapy. That is usually person-centred counselling, but not always. They will have been trained in counselling skills and will possess a counselling qualification.
UK Professional Body: British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy



These are medically trained Doctors who have chosen to specialise in treating mental disorders. They are the only ones qualified to prescribe medication. Some psychiatrists have undergone extra training in therapy and offer similar services to psychologists or psychotherapists.
UK Professional Body: Royal College of Psychiatrists




Anyone who has obtained a Psychology degree is entitled to call themselves a Psychologist. However, there are many different kinds of Psychologist, and the people who are qualified to offer therapy are usually called Clinical Psychologists or Counselling Psychologists. They are usually trained in a variety of different therapies and are in a good position to assess you for the type of therapy you might need, and often are able to provide it.
UK Professional Body: British Psychological Society