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It is impossible for me to offer crisis help as a distinct service, though some latitude is gladly offered to existing customers subject to availability.
IF IN CRISIS NOW (such as feeling suicidal)

In the UK, contact The Samaritans (website) Your GP's Emergency Service, dial 999 or speak to NHS Direct on 0845 4647.
In other parts of the world contact or dial 911.

UK Children who need help right now should ring 999 or TELEPHONE ONLY to Childline on 0800 1111. It's free and does not show up on the phone bill. Your computer does show where you go in the history section of the browser but if that's not important you can leave my website and go to theirs by clicking here. Children in the United States should ring 911


A message for those feeling suicidal -

It is not uncommon for people to face issues in their lives that give rise to suicidal feelings, and thankfully these feelings usually pass with time or help or both. I think most people have contemplated suicide as a concept, if not in some more powerful way, at some time in life. In my experience, suicidal feelings, although very real (often easily understandable) and tempting feelings at the time, can almost always be relieved, and almost always come to be seen as a turning point in developing new ways of living - if the suicide can be prevented for long enough to find this truth out. I say "almost" because clearly there are a number of people who complete suicide, even after help has been sought, though these do seem to be either accidental or due to extreme and extraordinary circumstances as well as pure tragedy. Because there really are a small number of people who complete suicide (at the side of the number who contemplate it) then I merely point out that time and/or help almost always makes the difference if its given the chance.

The services provided by therapists on the Internet are intended to be for persons who have reached the age of majority. will make every effort to ensure that minors are not abusing its website; however, is not responsible for the activities of minors on the Internet and cannot guarantee that materials on this website will be appropriate for minors.

Visitors to are encouraged to perform a credential check on any therapist they find on-line, either through this site or by other means. is not responsible for technical difficulties that may result in the website crashing while users are having exchanges directly with a therapists The Internet is not a completely stable means of communication and cannot and does not warrant the stability of communication on-line or the results of losing a connection while communicating on-line.

It can be quite arrogant of the individual to deny that help from others can help suicidal feelings and turn things around - when so much expertise is around in providing such help, that evidently works. If this department sounds like you, then the help actually is around, so why not find out first? No one can stop you taking your own life if you are determined to anyway, but if you are unsure at all, then why not find out what is available because it tends to work when you give it a chance.

Check out the above links to make a start if you are at bursting point right now. I tend to work with the problems that underpin suicidal feelings rather than provide emergency help (I'm a one man band) so if this is what you want (after a crisis or to prevent one) then you are welcome to contact me. I recommend involving your doctor but I realise many people will not, and I'm in no position to insist. Some of you may even be doctors, and you too are not exempt from the same level of optimism that I believe is around for everyone else (even if you are one of the highest suicide rates).

People often make the mistake of thinking that nobody could possibly understand or offer help for the positions they are in. Yes it is a mistake.

On the gloomy side, what is clear is that (in the words of a suicide prevention worker) "the person who suicides, dumps all their emotional baggage and a massive amount of guilt onto the survivors - no matter what precautions are taken by the deceased to avoid this"

Our service is open for anyone to explore new ways of living and moving away from what can be seen as a necessity or preference to die. Also please know that I do understand that some things can seem just hopeless, but what have you got to lose by seeking help?